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There are guidelines based on the income of the parties and the percentage of time they have with the children to determine what child support should be. The dissomaster program is used to calculate temporary support orders. Our office will help you understand all the factors the court considers in awarding temporary support, including the payment of real estate interest and taxes, and the payment of medical insurance. In addition to basic child support the court will normally order continuation of insurance, a division of excess medical bills, and contributions to child care when needed. Support normally continues until the child is eighteen or if still in high school until the age of nineteen. Our office will ensure that the guideline calculations are accurate and fair. We need to advise you at the temporary support hearing to ensure that you are not paying more than you should. When the court makes a permanent support order, we will make sure that you are in the most advantageous position and have presented all the evidence to ensure a just award. If your spouse is particularly evasive, we propound thorough discovery and issue appropriate subpoenas to disclose all sources of income.

I Can't make my Payments - What Should I Do?

If the court has ordered you to pay child or spousal support which you can't afford or have failed to honor, you could face contempt charges and in some cases even jail time. As your support lawyer, I act immediately to work with the court on your behalf before matters worsen.

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A marriage of 10 years or more is considered a long term marriage. Depending of your situation, it may be necessary that you file divorce immediately in order to save considerably in spousal support payments. If you are the spouse to be supported, you may want to wait until you've passed the 10 years mark. Either way, our office will present all the factors such as education, wealth, marketable skills, help in the educational attainment of the other spouse, comparable incomes and wealth, in order to obtain a fair support order.

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